1. How should I choose between Ano-Sitz bath and Vagi-Sitz bath?

The Vagi-Sitz bath is designed for sitz bath therapy for vaginal conditions. For anorectal conditions, the Ano-Sitz bath is the best option.

2. What is the difference between the Bartholin's Cyst Kit and the Vagi-Sitz Bath Kit?

Bartholin's Cyst Kit contains a specialized formulation of sitz bath salts with essentials oils (Tea tree, Echinacea, and Calendula). The general kit contains only the sitz bath salts (Epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt) without the essential oils.

3. Does it fit an elongated commode?

Yes, it does. The shape of our sitz bath is flexible to be able to adjust to any shape commode.

4. Should I use lukewarm water or cold water for the sitz bath?

For Bartholin's Cyst treatment, we suggest you use lukewarm water. For most of the vaginal sitz bath therapies, it's better to use lukewarm water.

For hemorrhoids and anal fissures, we suggest using cold water (40-50 F or 5-10 C). You can add a few ice cubes to make the water cold.

5. What do I do with the sitz bath after use?

First, loosen the adhesive in the front. Then, slowly drain the water out through the drain holes in the back. After all the water is drained out, pull the sitz bath off the commode and discard it.

6. For how long should I take a sitz bath?

Try to sit at least 15 minutes in one sitting (ideally 15-20 minutes). 

7. How do I install the Vagi-Sitz Bath?

Flip the toilet seat up to install the Vagi-Sitz Bath. Then unfold the sitz bath, remove the adhesive cover, and attach it to the commode. There are four adhesive tabs in each of the four corners.

8. How do I install the Ano-Sitz Bath?

Just unfold the sitz bath and remove the adhesive cover. Then place the sitz bath on the toilet seat and press to attach it. Do not flip the toilet seat up to install the Ano-Sitz Bath.

9. Does the adhesive on the sitz bath hold the weight of water?

Yes, it does. In our test, we observed that it can hold four liters of water for more than two days. If you have a problem, make sure the side wall of the commode is clean and dry.

10. Does your sitz bath touch the water inside the commode?

No. When properly installed, the bottom of the sitz bath does not touch the water inside the commode.

11. Can I add witch hazel or other essential oils in addition to your sitz bath salt formula?

Yes, you can. We are in the process of developing specialized formulations for many other medical conditions of the anogenital region.

12. How much water does the sitz bath hold?

The Vagi-Sitz Bath holds two liters and the Ano-Sitz Bath holds 1.5 liters of water.