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Bartholin's Cyst Vagi-Sitz Bath Kit

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Home Treatment of Bartholin's Cyst/ Abscess with Essential Oils Infused Sitz Bath Therapy

Reduces pain and swelling, helps drain Bartholin's cyst.
  • Contains natural antibiotics (Tea Tree and Calendula essential oil) that reduce infection without harm to your body.

  • Contains anti-inflammatory agents (Epsom salt and Echinacea) that reduce pain and swelling.

  • Exfoliates the clog and helps drain the cyst and abscess.

  • Disposable, hassle free. Easy to use.

  • Fits all commode sizes and shapes.

Directions for use:
Take a sitz bath every 8 hours for 5-6 days. Mix enclosed sitz bath salts formula in luke warm water and sit for 15-20 minutes each time.

Note: Natural essential oils can be allergic in very rare situation. If you have known allergy to any of the listed essential oils, we suggest you to use Vagi-Sitz Bath Kit  that comes without essential oils.

Sitz bath softens and unclogs the obstructed Bartholin's duct and helps drain the cyst and abscess spontaneously.

Learn more about how sitz bath helps to drain and heal Bartholin's cyst.

Easy to use

Just unfold the sitz bath, remove the adhesive cover, and attach it to the commode.

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