What happens in anal fissure? Why does it take long to heal anal fissure?

If you happen to have recurrent constipation, it may cause a tear in the rectum. The injury causes bleeding and severe pain. You may also suffer constant itching or irritation. Unlike other wounds in the body, an anal fissure may take a long time to heal.

There are some healthy ways of preventing constipation in the first place, such as eating high fiber diet, drinking lots of fluid, and taking stool softener if necessary.

One major factor that causes delay in healing of anal fissure is inadequate cleaning after each bowel movement. The feces get stuck in the wound and causes constant itching, irritation and infection.This area needs to be properly cleaned to promote healing naturally. However cleaning of this sensitive area wound needs special attention as you don't want to scrub hard or scratch the delicate tissue/skin. This is where sitz bath comes to play an important role.

How does sitz bath help in anal fissure?

In anal fissure and hemorrhoid, fecal residue trapped in the wound is the constant source of itching, irritation, and inflammation. Sitz bath helps to rinse the feces stuck in the wound without scrubbing and putting stress in the wound.  Scrubbing and scratching may add more tears or expand the existing wound. You should take sitz bath after each bowel movement to ensure that the wound is clean and feces-free.

Sitz Bath is recommended by major health information websites such as WebMD, Mayo clinic, MedicineNet and many others and is trusted by family physicians as a home treatment for anal fissure.

What are the natural essential oils that can help to heal anal fissure?

Witch hazel and Yarrow essential oil are astringent agents that constrict the blood vessels and can prevent bleeding from anal fissure. Chamomile and Calendula essential oils are potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural products which keep the wound clean and promotes natural healing.

Keep your anal fissure wound clean and promote faster healing.

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