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Anal Fissure Ano-Sitz Bath Kit

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Cleanses wound, reduces irritation and promotes healing.

  • Contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents (Epsom salt, Chamomile and Calendula essential oil) that reduce pain and infection.

  • Contains natural astringent (Yarrow essential oil) that prevents bleeding.

  • Keeps the wound clean and itch-free.

  • Prevents Strain on wound when sitting on sitz bath.

  • Prevents contamination of harmful bacterias to wound.

  • Fits all commode sizes and shapes.

  • Easy to carry for office or travel, fits even in your pocket.

  • Disposable, hassle free.

Directions for use:
Take a sitz bath for 15 minutes after defecation.


Note: Natural essential oils can be allergic in very rare situation. If you have known allergy to any of the listed essential oils, we suggest you to use Ano-Sitz Bath Kit  that comes without essential oils.

Sitz bath helps to rinse the feces stuck in anal fissure wound without scrubbing and reduces irritation and inflammation.

Learn more about how does sitz bath help to reduce itching and irritation of anal fissure and promote faster healing.

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